Contributing through github

App Inventor 2

Created by Jose Dominguez / @josmasflores

Not familiar with github?

Fork the Repo

clone locally

          git clone
# Clones your fork of the repository into the current directory in terminal

configure remotes

            $ cd appinventor-sources

            $ git remote add upstream


            $ cp sample-.gitignore .gitignore

Checkout Dependecies

              $ git submodule update --init

Create AuthKey

              $ cd appinventor

              $ ant MakeAuthKey

build app inventor 2

            $ ant 

run app inventor 2

            $ google-cloud-SDK-folder/bin/ 
            --port=8888 --address= appengine/build/war/
Note that you will need to download Cloud SDK | App Engine for Java, and these routes are relatives to the path of your AppEngine installation

run the build server

            $ cd appinventor/buildserver 

            $ ant RunLocalBuildServer
The build server is needed to create apk files

you are now ready to go!

Navigate to localhost:8888

Checkout the App Inventor Developer Overview for more information about the overall architecture of the system.


Feel free to contact the Open Source group for any additional information

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.